Quick facts

  • Our focus is to produce high quality men leather shoes. The Italian designs and materials, the well-trained personnel, and the latest technology are the strong points that make us achieve high quality products under the ESTRADA brand.
  • We have ten years of experience in this field, the city of Cluj being well known for its tradition in producing high quality leather shoes. We currently work with over 100 well trained professionally employees.
  • To date, we manage to manufacture 450 pair of shoes /day, and only in the last two years we invested over 300,000 euro in production technology and infrastructure.
  • On the Romanian market, we sell over one half of our products through our own chain of stores (that is constantly developing); we have over 100 client-stores all over the country and a storehouse in Bucharest. The other half of our products are sold through our national distributors, thus we manage to achieve national coverage for the ESTRADA brand products.
  • Also, we managed to enter the market in several other countries as Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia.

Our Goals

  • To be in the top 10 men shoes producers in the country
  • To finalize the new facilities
  • To constantly improve the quality of out products
  • To improve our communication strategies